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Customs Declaration Service - Effective support for smaller businesses

Cirrostratus are developing an interface to the replacement for CHIEF (the replacement is called the Customs Declaration Service). This will suit smaller and medium sized businesses (SMEs). We are looking for businesses who would like to work with us on on developing the system and are willing to offer a free service for a year for the first few customs participants (no more than three current CHIEF users - not CSPs) who are willing to work with us on this project.

Cirrostratus are offering a number of free cooperative development accounts. If you are interested in this please email us at

Customs Declaration Service - Preparing for Brexit

Following Theresa May's speech of 21st September it seems clear that the UK will be leaving the Customs Union. That means that many more businesses would need an efficient mechanism of making customs declarations. We offer a cost effective, efficient alternative.

The small print

We admit that this print is not that small. However, the offer of 1 years free service for a customs participant is a good offer so we feel we should explain more about it. Hence these are the terms and conditions of the offer.

Firstly, the offer does not require any long term commitment from a participant, but if they decide not to make reasonable use of the service during the year we retain the option to transfer the offer to another participant. Furthermore we may set reasonable usage limits as to the volume of usage under the free offer.

Secondly, we do not guarantee to agree to accept any participant (for the free offer that is). Whether we accept a participant or not is our decision alone.

Thirdly, there is no requirement from a participant to process all their business through our service. It is merely that we have sufficient confidence in our abilities that we believe that participants would prefer using our service (particularly at no charge).

Finally, there is an assumption that participants already have computers, mobile phones and access to the internet. The free offer is the offer of the service (not free phones, computers and internet access although we will provide some free phone calls). The offer of free development services is unusual, but we have confidence in our abilities in this area. There are, however, no warranties or guarantees.